Hot Bamboo Massage Malcesine

hot bamboo massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Hot bamboo massage

This massage is particularly good for reaching the deeper muscles, local tensions are released, the tissue is thoroughly loosened and the blood circulation is also strongly stimulated.

This in turn supports the lymphatic flow.

Tensions are released and the skin is smoothed and tightened.

Massage duration approx. 60 minutes € 65,-

Hot Stone Pietre Calde Massage Malcesine

hot stones massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Hot stone massage

Feel the energy of the stones.

This deep-acting full-body massage with warming basalt stones gently releases tension and has a wonderfully soothing effect.

Massage duration approx. 60 minutes € 65,-

Durata massaggio circa 60 minuti € 65,-

Relaxing Feet Massage Malcesine

feet massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Relaxing foot massage

Our feet are the reflection of our body and soul.

Harmonising massage of your feet for deep relaxation.

It stimulates blood circulation and self-healing powers, has a purifying and detoxifying effect.

Wear comfortable, light clothing for this massage.

Massage duration approx. 40 minutes € 39,-

Back Neck Massage Malcesine

body massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Back and neck massage

This balancing massage releases tension and blockages in the back and neck area.

Massage duration approx. 30 minutes € 35,-

Ayurveda Balance Massage Malcesine

body massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Ayurveda Balance Massage

This wonderfully relaxing full-body massage from the toes to the tips of the hair, has a harmonising effect on the physical and mental levels.

Your muscles are loosened and your immune system strengthened.

Massage duration approx. 60 minutes € 55,-

Ayurvedic Facial Treatment Malcesine

body massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Divine Realignment

Healing always starts on the inside.

The complex nerve supply of the back can lead to the most diverse complaints. The spinal nerves no longer run straight and the energy flow is disturbed, the chakras block and the person becomes ill!

A return to the divine order. Restoring clear structures of order. Freeing the self-healing powers so that they are able to fulfil their task again. Then the body can follow. The spine straightens, the pelvis is straight, the leg length difference is lifted.

When the time is right, things change. Each person decides whether the time is ripe for him to experience the spiritual realignment.

The "Divine Realignment" happens in a few minutes without touching and without the use of symbols or mantras, but solely through the power of divine love. Your entire body system can relax.You experience an expansion of consciousness that will bring noticeably more joy and serenity into your everyday life.

The establishment of divine order!

Price of treatment on request.

Ayurveda Body Scrub Malcesine

body massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Ayurveda Body Scrub

For velvety soft skin.

Full body peeling with an Ayurvedic herbal powder and Ayurvedic oil combined with a relaxing massage.

Ideal for the beginning of your holiday, for a wonderful tan.

Treatment duration approx. 40 minutes € 55,-

Shirodhara Malcesine

body massage malcesine gardasee hotel da tino Shirodhara

This treatment, which has an intensive effect on the central nervous system, is the treatment of choice for stress and all states of exhaustion and restlessness.

The treatment balances your cerebral hemispheres, which is equivalent to a state of deep meditation. In the so-called "alpha rhythm" the brain becomes relaxed and the mind crystal clear. Deep regeneration and renewal takes place at the cellular level.

The treatment is particularly effective for states of exhaustion, sleep disorders, migraines and headaches as well as for nervous disorders and depression.

Duration of treatment approx. 40 minutes € 55,-